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How to Improve Your Body in 2015

Do You Have a Body Resolution for 2015?

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have good information you can take action on to improve the way you move and feel great for 2015. Keep reading...

Your body is machine - a miraculous biochemical combustion machine that continues to amaze me. And like any machine, it needs proper care, maintenance, and fuel. When any of these things are not practiced, then problems begin to arise.

When your machine doesn't get enough activity, it rusts, degenerates...breaks down. When your machine gets too much activity, it wears out, things break and tear. Friction occurs and inflammation is the result. When we give it the wrong fuel a milieu of reactions can occur from a sudden allergy to a gradual insult to our immune system.

Your car has a panel of alerts that allow you to see what the problem is and where. Your body gives signs and symptoms when something is wrong. The most common symptom people are familar with is pain. Other symptoms are stiffness, fatigue, headache, indigestion, etc.

Let's face it, some people take better care of their cars than they do their bodies. They take their car in every 4000 miles and get the oil changed, they take it in for wheel balancing and tune-ups. All the while, they just let their bodies just keep doing what they're doing until a problem occurs. By then it may be too late! The damage is done.

So what can you do to give your body the best chance to be health...and fit?

BEST BODY Tips for 2015

1. Eat like a human

Give your body the fuel it was intended to have. The food you eat has a direct bearing on your health and fitness, and the older your machine (your body), the more reactive it is to bad fuels (foods).

Eating like a human is simple. You eat foods that are closest to the way nature and God intended them to be. The further away a food is from its original intent, the more trouble your body has to go through to use it as a fuel.

Good examples of human food: lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. These are foods that you find readily in nature. The more you take these foods and process them beyond recognition, the more problems they can cause in your body/machine.


A. Milk does the body good. Not really. It's basically a cheap protein, but it has other constituents that increase your insulin response, and many people have a sensitivity to milk. Mild directly from the cow is the best way to consume it, of course, but raw milk is hard to find. It's not profitable to sell, and many have fear of microbes and such.

Consider this: Humans are the only mammal that drink milk from other mammals. Hmmm.

B. Pork is the other white meat. This is a great marketing ploy, but pork, although a decent protein, is meat from a bottom feeder, so the quality is not great. It won't kill you, but it's not something you'd want to consider a good fuel to consistently feed your body. Moreover, the way pork is prepared these days with sodium nitrite, there are health concerns with how our bodies handle this preservative.

C. Whole grain is good for you. Your body will find a way to get something out of the grains you put in it, but grain is not a ready made food. It has to be processed in order to be edible. And every fitness professional will tell you that in order to effectively lose unwanted body fat, you have to get off the grains. In addition to bloat, grains also increase blood sugar and insulin levels.

D. Eggs will increas your cholesterol. WRONG! Eggs are more good than bad for you. The only way eggs can be bad for you is that if you have an allergy to them. Eggs are a well know food to bust belly fat, and the nutrition profile of an egg is excellent. I recommend the cage free and organic variety to simpy avoid eating eggs of the chickens that are caged, stressed, and depleted and real nutrition their whole lives.

Cholesterol problems come from other issues, not eating eggs and meat. Cholesterol is a natural hormone in your body, and when there are vascular problems due to lacking other nutrition, cholesterol increases to try and "patch" them - hence the plaques that can develop.

E. Eating a low fat diet is good for you: Heck No! Look at what's happened to our world since this fad came out. We're fatter and more unhealthy than ever! Sugar and foods that convert to sugar make you fat. Fat does not make you fat. In fact, fat is essential in having a lean, fit, and healthy body! Now don't go off and eat just fatty foods. But don't eliminate them either. Good fats come from lean meats, nuts, fish, and some seeds. Coconut oil is a good fat also - great to cook with.

2. Use all parts of your machine: In other words, give it a good work out.

Your body adapts to the activity it gets or doesn't get. You are either degenerating or regenerating. Exercise helps stimulate regeneration! Being sedentary and sitting promotes degeneration. In fact, sitting is associated with an early death! Read this for more information.

People simply have more aches and pains when they are sedentary. However, if you give it too much activity, it undergoes wear and tear and inflammation results - things break down.

Walking 20-30 minutes a day is a good way to start. Resistance/weight training is even better!Y You only need 30 minutes of resistance exercise to get excellent benefits. Not only does your health improve, but your fitness level improves! You move better and feel better!

When you have a problem with walking or doing another kind of exercise, that's when you bring your machine in to your Physical Therapist, the only medical specialist trained to fix your mechanical issues in your body using evidence-based methods of healing and recovery.

3. Rest Your Machine

As more and more research surfaces about the benefits of giving your body proper rest, it is clear that lack of sleep causes many problems that can affect you medically and physically.

Lack of sleep leads to increased pain, mental fogginess, slower reaction times, predisposition to getting sick, and premature aging.

So how much rest do you need? To keep it simple 7 hours is a safe bet. Everyone is different, but 5 hours and less seems to be where the problems lie.

Now you have 3 things you can focus on and make 2015 a year where you experience the best health and fitness yet!

Be sure to comment below on your thoughts about these 3 tips!