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Physical Therapist Partners Wanted

Under construction:

If you are a progressive, achievement-oriented physical therapist, and you thrive on being indepent and successful; you might be perfect for working with us.

We are looking for PT's who have excellent clinical skills but understand the importance of marketing our services, our profession, to referral sources and the public.

We have openings in our existing operations, and we are also looking to expand and partner with good PT's who want to be in their own practice and without all the concerns about billing, contracts, systems, and going into heavy debt to start a practice. We like mavericks, and we do not want PT's that are just looking for jobs or looking for a high dollar job to sit on.

If this interests you, keep reading. If not, skip down to "PT Positions Available"

What we offer is a chance for you, the maverick PT, to operate in a super PT setting of your choice regarding locale, that you control and can design your life from. You will be a part of a network with good support from above and the ability to expand as you are willing. We cut the learning curve by 5 years, and we start you off with a successful first year.

The deal: A competitive industry salary for the first 3 months of start up then we work into a commission-based model to treat you like an owner. Basically, you will have all the perks of being a practice owner without all the headache. With your commission-based model, you will be able to calculate exactly how much production you need to hire, expand, etc. Your salary is under your control in essence. We supply the equipment, handle the acquisition of a building, assist in hiring and training staff, provide billing/collection services, and handle all contracts. Are you game? This is not for the job-seeker or "interested" PT. This model is for the go-getter who knows what they want, has good manual skills, loves to learn, and gets off on achieving and succeeding.

This is NOT a position that is meant to grind you. Of course, there will be a good bit of work up front to learn the process and get things going, but the intent is for you to be in a practice that you can grow and bring others into as you do. No one wants to be pinned down. We love our families, freedom, and we want the good things in life. That's what this model is for. Moreover, it's not for the lazy entrepreneur who wants all the reward but expects others to do the work...such as the home office or the other empolyees. You will have everything you need to succeed. All that is required is for you to follow the program and reach your targets that are mutually agreed upon.

We take most of the risk! We just need a super teammate to jump in and go for your goals and have a ton of fun while doing it!

PT Positions Available:

Louisville MS: Full and Part Time Staff PT.

FT: Looking for a PT with leadership qualities to work up to or start in the Clinical Director Position
PT: We will entertain a Part Time PT with a good quality skill set involving manual skills and excellent communication.

Jackson MS: Positons for Full Time and Part Time PTA's coming soon

For more information, call 662-773-3700 and email msimson662@aol.com with an attached resume'. If you do a video resume' then you are just plain awesome. You found this page for a reason, now take action if this is for you. Together, we will do great things.

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