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Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant Wanted

Welcome! We are a private practice out-patient setting who thrive on excellence in patient care and consistent learning. We are a company consisting of awesome teams that work together to simply provide the best in out-patient care. We like to be busy serving our community with the absolute best therapies available to get them out of pain and into motion ASAP.

You will be taught very unique hands-on skills that will give you the ability to massively help people with certain pain conditions; therefore, an aptitude for using your hands is a must. Our exercise and activity methods are specific and involve custom details for each patient.

We are NOT a no-pain no-gain outfit! Our whole model is designed around minimizing pain with maximum gain. Patients should experience a change in their condition at each session. In fact we expect at least 50% pain reduction if it is a pain condition. Of course, you will be instructed by your PT as to what procedure to do to achieve that.

If you are looking for a special place to work with a great team surrounding you, and you want to truly enjoy your work while making a real difference in the lives of those we treat, keep reading...

About Our Environment:

Be prepared to laugh and help others laugh too!

We have a super upbeat and professional healing environment where patients love to come and they know they are getting the best treatment available. Many times, we are the only ones who have been able to help them. The difference is our unique manual therapy approach, and although you are not allowed to mobilize or manipulate their spine, you will be taught how to benefit them through other methods that help the PT fully treat the patient. What differentiates us most from others is our effort and ability in getting the patient better faster. Your PT will be the highest trained and will be on site most of the time. However you will be expected to operate independently as needed. You will be expected to provide the prescribed treatment, recommendations for changes,  and complete the necessary documentation as usual. We understand that marketing (making ourselves known) is first and foremost, because without being known we have no patients to help :) If you are reserved about speaking to our area health care professionals and marketing yourself and our services, you need to consider applying elsewhere.

Each and every patient visit is designed to make sure the patient has had such a good healing experience that they would be willing to pay out of pocket if they had to...and you'd be surprised at those who do! That's providing value, and most practices simply don't do that. We do, and you will be a part of that team if you connect with this message.

Please read the section titled Jobs on the main menu to ensure your understand the requirements and to submit your application - or CLICK HERE

We look forward to hearing from you!

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