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Looking for a Job with our company? Excellent! Here are our basic requirements and tenets you need to know so you can make a good decision as to whether proceed in applying with us or moving on to other ventures:

All of our positions require the following:

1. You must absolutely love people and love helping them in a genuine way

2. People first - paper second

3. Work well with others and thrive in a family-like professional environment. Be willing to socialize with us at outings and events.

4. Positive attitude

5. Professional appearance and very clean presentation

6. Able to work independently and thrive on a "job well done."

7. Excellent communication skills with co-workers, patients, and referral sources

8. Able to work in a company that enjoys the team approach with leaders and juniors

9. Willingness to pitch in where needed in order to make sure patient care is priority

10. Take action to always promote our practice and love being busy

11. A love for learning new things and using them to help others

For PT's:

* You Want to Be a Rockstar*
If you want to make a real difference, practice the art and science of PT at it's most powerful levels, and enjoy practice freedom and growth, it is worth your time to keep reading.

1. You are looking to be a part of something special

2. You have manual therapy skills including HVLAT or Grade V mobilization, and be motivated to learn and advance in this area. We appreciate an evidence-based approach interlaced with clinical expertise and innovation.

3. You possess a natural passion and belief in what we do as physical therapists.

4. Your interest in pursuing advancement in your education and clinical performance is a priority: manual therapy certification, training in innovative strategies to add value to the patient's experience and outcome, certification in dry needling, pursuit of a Diploma in Osteopractic are highly looked upon.

5. You command respect among your co-worker and patients that leads to being able to generate a busy patient load.

6. You are willing to not only learn new and more effective strategies to get rapid results with patients, but you also enjoy teaching and mentoring others. You are here to make a real difference in people's lives and our community.

7. Your strong, independent mindset with a positive outlook is evident in your daily activities. Motivating patients and inspiring them throughout their bout of therapy is a natural quality

8. You demonstrate value by being requested by patients and referral sources based on your results and rapport/reputation.

9. You have the ability to guide and direct a strong team of PTA's and techs.

10. You understand the importance of marketing so as to access those who need us to our services. And you are also willing to participate in marketing activities such as hosting workshops, writing letters, and promoting free screenings.

11. Your communication skills are strong where you understand how to communicate "at the level of your teammates and your patients." You know full well the importance of not talking above or over someone.

12. You want to work for an established, respected Physical Therapist-owned outpatient clinic and not for a hospital system, corporate PT chain, a POPTS, or other controlling organization.

For PTA's:

1. Manual Therapy skills and/or the motivation and aptitude to be able to learn execute prescribed procedures by your PT. You need to have "good hands."

2. You possess a beaming positive attitude that motivates and inspires patients

3. You have A natural passion for helping people change their lives by delivering the best treatment available

4. You have excellent communication skills with your supervising PT(s) and your patients with the ability to speak at the appropriate level.

5. You desire to be involved socially and participate in company and community events

6. You want to be a part of something special where you will learn more about how to help real people with real problems than anywhere else.

We contract with Express Employment Professionals for our staffing needs. Please apply HERE. You can submit your resume to gtptms@bellsouth.net with a cc to msimpson662@aol.com also.

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