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Six Weeks After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Frozen Shoulder

Chronic Low Back & Leg Pain

I was surprised when my doctor in Jackson told me that the best results I would get for my back would be at GTPT in Louisville. I live in West Point, and although it was an hour drive, it was more than worth it! Having already been through physical therapy, and having missed a few months of work, I didn't really think much else could be done to help me, especially in Louisville, MS! In short, I was back at work in a few weeks with the ability to do what I want without much pain at all. Thank you, Wade, and all your fine staff!

West Point, MS

Although I was told not to expect 100% relief during the first session, that's exactly what I got! My neck pain is gone! I am amazed and thankful as this pain has been worsening over the last month, and medication wasn't working. Thank you, Wade and everybody for being so kind!

Louisville, MS


Having been to other physical therapy clinics, I didn't think that there would be much difference when I was sent here. I am truly impressed with everything from the front office treatment to the thorough exam. Treatment was great and not what I expected! It's definitely what I needed. Thank you!

Louisville, MS

I had already had eight weeks of therapy at another place in town, and my doctor sent me here. I was blown away by the different kind of therapy you do here and how much difference it made in my knee. More people need to know that all therapy is not the same, and they need to know about GTPT! Thank you so much!

Louisville, MS

I can do more than I expected I would be able to do. The staff is great. It is obvious that you all love what you do. Thank you and Bless you all!

Louisville, MS

You guys are the best! I've had trainers and other therapists work with me for a while, and because of you, I'm back in the game and confident that I will go pro! Thanks for all your hard work and attention to detail.

Starkville, MS

I feel great and very strong in my shoulder now. My goal of being a professional mixed martial artist is now very real. Having a therapist that is also a former champion who knows what it takes makes a difference. I need a sponsor!

Weir, MS

I was scared I would never be able to return to work, but the doctor was so impressed with my ankle and said I was ahead of schedule! I have worked 2 weeks now, and everything is going great. My knee is not hurting anymore either.

Louisville, MS

Thank you so much for helping me with my back pain! I can now go through an entire day of school without pain! I haven't been able to do that for the last two years. I'll always do my exercise that you taught me.

Louisville, MS

Top notch! I really didn't expect a PT clinic in Louisville, MS to be able to do all that you do. Thank you all for being so nice and helpful, but most important…thank you for getting rid of my pain!

Louisville, MS

After four years of mid back pain, I can't believe that I'm now waking up without pain! I've been to countless doctors, pain management and chiropractors, and nothing has worked until now. I'm also back to painting and doing some yard work without setting it off. I really don't want to stop coming, and I'm scared it will come back, but I trust you'll be there to help me if it does. Fingers are crossed, and I'm doing my exercise! Thank you and I love you all!

Ackerman, MS

I greatly appreciate your professional approach and the time you took to explain things. My son is back to pitching at 90% without pain, and we're looking forward to next season. We'll be training as you prescribed in the off-season. Thanks!

Louisville, MS

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