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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

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Knee Pain

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Welcome to GT Physical Therapy In Louisville

Welcome to GT Physical Therapy! GTPT is a specialized private Physical Therapy Practice established in 1993. We provide specialized care that is ONLY  found at GTPT. GT is the only specialized clinic in the area, and the only provider of Osteopractic Physical Therapy in the region.

Our goal is to help remedy your physical problem in a natural, efficient, complete, and pain-free way.

We are proud to offer unique care and service to our area as well as surrounding areas. In fact, a large percentage of our patients travel a long way to undergo care at our facilities, and this is one of our highest compliments!

At GT Physical Therapy, working to effectively decrease pain and rapidly restore function and ability is our primary aim. Whether it be returning to your garden, sport, or work, you'll have the best opportunity to achieve the best results possible at GT Physical Therapy. Call now at (662) 773-3700 to set up a free screen and get back to living life pain-free!

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Student Training

Student Training

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