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About Us


Discover the true essence of what physical therapy can do to help you get out of pain and get into action. Established in 1993, we're physical therapist owned and operated, and our focus is on what we can do to help you starting at your first appointment.

Find out what makes us different when you walk out better than you walked in. It's not about our degrees and our's about getting the RESULTS you want and the CARE YOU DESERVE.

If you've ever been to physical therapy elsewhere, prepare to be surprised and very pleased. If you're coming to us first, then prepare to be spoiled and professionally taken care of.

We do NOT practice the "no pain-no gain" philosophy.

Some of our specialized forms of treatment include Spinal Manipulation, Dry Needling, low level laser, pneumatic unloading of painful spine and lower extremities, instrument-based soft tissue examination and treatment, manual therapy, Annodyne technology for neuropathy, Hivamat treatment for painful/swollen areas, and the Back Project for thoracic and low back conditions.